Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

It’s a tricky question. 

We get asked it in job interviews, we think about it too sometimes, but is there a right an a wrong answer? Well…. yes and no. 

I like to think as oneself as a company. You are the company, you are the staff, the CEO, the janitor, the guy that comes to test the fire alarms once a month. You are the only person that can make this company thrive. Now, if you sat down and thought to yourself “this company will probably fail within the next ten years. We won’t get any customers. We won’t make any money, and we won’t become  Billionaire Playboy Genius Philanthropist we’ve always dreamed of being. 

Okay, I’m turning away from the company simile now, but you get the point. If you don’t see yourself thriving, you won’t. Simples. 

Where do I see myself in 10 years? 

I want to be at least 3 promotions down the line. I want my salary to at least double from what it is now. I want to own my own house. I want to own more than 2 cars, just because. I want to own more than 2 motorbikes, again, just because. I hope to own more than triple the amount of suits I own now. 

If you’re currently sitting there thinking “how materialistic?”, you’re right! It is! Why? Because I am materialistic. I want things, I want cool things. I want cool things that I can show off to people that don’t have these cool things. I want nicer clothes than everyone else. Notice how my ten-year plan had absolutely no mention of anyone but myself? Exactly! It’s all about me. I am looking out for myself, to make sure that I can live the best, most comfortable, enjoyable, ‘all-about-me’ life that I can.  I want myself to succeed. I’m not fussed about others, because their promotion doesn’t put bread on my table. My promotion does. And; until you start thinking where you see YOURself in 10 years, not where the world will be in 10 years, I’ll be sure to keep checking in to see how your back is feeling after 7.2 billion peoples shoes walk all over you. 

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