Why go to the gym?

I can already hear your thoughts

Broooo, a gym post? Your better than that

And to that I say, thank you fictitious reader, I know I am. But this is the only one I swear.

I love the gym. I really do. I’ve not been going long, probably just three or four months now. But, I love it. And you can bet I’m going to tell you why:

  • It makes you look good.

And what’s more important than that?! You look good, you feel good. Fact.

  • The motivation of rival lions.

There are loads of other guys there, who are bigger than you, stronger than you, more athletic than you (obviously looks wise, charm wise and dong-size wise you have them trumped, big guy), and this can be a great motivator to push yourself, to achieve those extra two reps.

  • Chicks.

OF COURSE THIS WOULD BE A REASON! You’re still reading The ‘C’ Word after all. But, the gym is crawling with them. Squatting, sweating, running on a treadmill, hanging about in their tight gym gear….. um…. brb

  • Networking Opportunities.

Always a great reason to go anywhere! You meet likeminded bro’s, who; like you, enjoy taking care of themselves. Not only can you meet new bro’s, but you can also meet and familiarise yourself with ‘Acquaintance-Bro’s’. The amount of guys from the office I chat to at work now because we recognised each other in the gym, from work.

  • Lots of mirrors.

No explanation needed*.

*For those of you need an explanation: Angles to check out chicks that were previously unavailable are now available. Also; you can check your-handsome-self out too.

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