….And on the third day he rose.

I know that many of you read this blog and think “Gee Wizz! There is not a cats chance in the devils’ playground that I could be so selfish and look out for only myself”

To that I say:

Click HERE to see a library of gender reassignment doctors in the United Kingdom, so that one of them can weld a scrotum and a pair of apricots betwixt thine legs.

It’s all about looking looking out for Numero Uno! And my life has gotten so much better since I’ve done so.

This time last year I was a total loser.

This time last year, I was this guy.

I cared so much about pleasing everyone I let them and myself down. I was pushed around at work and came home and was just a slob because I couldn’t be bothered. I argued about stupid shit with my girlfriend at the time just to feel in control of something. Ultimately, she ended up leaving me. I was, without doubt, a total fucking loser. But it took me looking at myself and hating what I saw to decide to make a change.

Unlike Jesus Christ, I didn’t rise in 3 days. This was actually a 9 month ordeal of dressing like a tramp, with a baseball cap on all the time. Cargo trousers. An unkempt beard down to my chest, and wrinkled t-shirts on. Spending each day checking the Ex’s social media. Seeing her happy with her new boyfriend. Until I woke up one day, and felt better. I didn’t check her pages that day. I just did me. To be honest though, all credit to my friend, Rob, who pointed me in the right direction. He made me realise a single man needs to take care of himself. Eat well. Dress well. Work out. Look in the mirror and like what he sees.

This is when I decided to look out for me, to put myself first.

And now my life is awesome! I get complimented for my clothes; suits, ties and shoes, and on my haircuts.

When you feel great about yourself, your vibe changes. The way people perceive you changes. The way you see yourself changes.

Since taking pride in myself, I’ve done better at work, I’ve gotten two pay rises, I’ve moved out and now live in a two-bedroom house by myself. I’m doing better than I ever have and it’s all down to a boost in confidence stemming from a change in self-perception.

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