Positive Tribes bring Positive Vibes

If your friends are all downers, losers and are generally unmotivated, you will be too.

It’s simple tribal instinct. On one side of the mountain you have the Downer tribe, moping about complaining about their life. Just choosing to be sad. They are blessed with the superpower to suck the life out of any situation they are in. And on the other side of the mountain you have the Vibey Tribe.

The Vibey Tribe, genuinely, doesn’t give a fuck. They keep their basic instincts of make money, eat and fuck, but the magic behind them is – if it isn’t in that list it doesn’t fucking matter to them. They just move on with their life.

The Downer Tribe just worry about everything. And because worrying and sadness is a contagious disease, like AIDs, that will slowly kill you, like AIDs, and has a debilitating stigma surrounding them…. like AIDs.

I cannot continue this nature programme format so I’m just going to stop – I am also going to stop with the AIDs references before I have too many angry messages from over-sensitive readers to laugh at.

The people you hang out with affects everything. Your motivation, your work ethic, your morals, your sense of humour and your mood. If you spend your time with people who either A) Poo Poo all the amazing money making, pussy smashing ideas that you have or; B) Don’t offer an even more awesome alternative to your ideas once they have Poo Pooed them…. Fuck. Them. Off.

You don’t need people like that in your life. You need motivators.

Nearly of my friends are older than me. Nearly all my friends earn more. Nearly all my friends have nicer transport, nicer house and generally live a fucking awesome life [note I’ve said nearly all my friends multiple times there, I still need to be on top of somebody (lol that’s what she said)] but my point is, I am never happy with what I have. I want more all the time – and that is because I surround myself with successful people who make me jealous that I don’t have what they have. So to prove a point I can do it too, and also to keep up, catch up and overtake my peers in terms of success, I remain in a constant state of motivation to gain more.

I know for a fact I will be a millionaire with the biggest house, out of my peers, the most most money, the most cars and the most motorbikes and I genuinely believe that the coroner certify my cause of death as drowning in pussy. Why? Because I want it to happen. Simple as. I want it so I’m going to do it. None of this small mind shit, none of this “oooh well it’s impossible for someone like me” pussyboi talk. That’s downer tribe talk. Pack up your teepee, walk to the other side of the mountain, and find people that genuinely motivate to you be a better you. Because once they see you getting better they will strive to be better themselves which will make you become better which will make them better themselves which will make you strive to be better which when that is achieved it will make them strive to better themselves and….


If you don’t see where I am going with this by now then just close this tab and get the fuck off of my blog because we don’t tolerate pussyboi bitches.

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