Fill up ’em Pride Bags, Bruh!

The Pride Bag.

A concept that was was passed onto me from my bro, Rob, and his bro before him.

As dudes we struggle with one thing… being horny.

It’s a blessing and a curse, it really is.

However not everything needs to be pursued. Why? Supply and Demand.

Look at it this way; You approach that woman who’s standing alone at the end of the bar. She’s dressed well, bit o’ red lippy on. You can see her matching black pants and bra through her clothes… she’s left her house for a good time. But women are cleverer than men when it comes to this. They know they’ll be approached. They don’t need to try. And the more men that approach them, the more your chances of ULTIMATE LAYAGE dwindle away into the night.

Am I saying you ignore her? Fuck no. Am I saying don’t oggle over her, buy her a load of drinks, pay her endless compliments? Definitely not.

Your conversing, she going along with it, you know its going well, and you know she does in fact like what she see’s… but you also know there is no way you are actually gonna get her back to yours. What do you do?

Walk away, remember the moment and put it in your pride bag, bruh.

And, keep filling that pride bag because is a scientifically biological fact that your pride bag is directly psychologically linked to your ego. And how do we want our egos? That’s right… inflated. Men who actively work on filling their pride bag are 83% more likely to get laid….. True Story.

In summary; a mans filled pride bag is an essential everyday object. It is what keeps him going and knowing that moist feeling in the atmosphere is all because of him.

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